Heard from us?

If you’ve heard from us it’s likely because Credit Corp has bought your past-due debt from a bank, finance, telecommunications or utility company. This means that you now owe the outstanding balance to Credit Corp.

Falling behind can happen to anyone and we’d like to help you get back on track. We’re a leading debt buyer and collector and we're committed to working flexibly with our customers to help them repay their outstanding balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Credit Corp Solutions is a receivables management company that purchases and collects consumer debt including unpaid retail finance and sales finance credit cards and personal loans. We work to provide our customers with sustainable repayment options with the objective of improving our customers’ circumstances. 

We purchase delinquent debts from financial services providers. We then work with our customers to recover the outstanding balance by adopting a flexible approach and offering sustainable and tailored repayment plans. Through open and transparent dialogue we agree on flexible plans suited to each customer's individual situation. We have assisted customers in all sorts of financial situations and we understand that you might be experiencing financial difficulties that are too hard to deal with by yourself.

Log in to your account to see your repayment options. Alternatively you can contact us by calling (800)-483-2361 or submitting one of our Contact Us forms.

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To set up an affordable repayment arrangement, you can login to your account and choose 'Set up payment plan'. Alternatively you can contact us by calling (800)-483-2361 to set up a plan and discuss your options. 

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To update your personal or contact details, you can log in to your account and click on your profile to update it where appropriate.

Alternatively, you can contact us by calling (800)-483-2361. 

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Log in to your account to review some of our flexible options to help you get back on track. Alternatively, you can contact us to discuss a suitable option.

There are many reasons why addressing your overdue account promptly is important. Doing so may save you interest and may positively impact your credit worthiness. It's important that you do your own research in regards to how repayment may impact your situation.

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Tasman Credit, Tasman Credit Corp and Credit Corp Collections Agency are trading names of Credit Corp Solutions Inc. View our 'Trading Names' page for more detailed information.

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Call us on (800)-483-2361 between 6am - 7:30pm MST  Mon - Thu and 6am - 5pm on Fri.

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Other Payment Options

View our many options available here so you can choose the option that’s most convenient to you.

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Get back on track without the need to talk to us!

Credit Corp's online portal is designed to let you access important account details, view available offers and you can make a payment, anywhere, anytime without the need to speak to us!


  • See your available offers

  • Propose a repayment plan

  • Make a payment – it’s easy and secure!

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Experiencing Financial hardship?

Financial difficulty is not uncommon. We understand that many people face financial challenges for reasons beyond their control. With our years' experience, we take an understanding and flexible approach.

The first step is to raise your difficulties with us. We’ll then do a financial assessment by looking at your income, expenses, other credit accounts, living costs and dependents to work out a way to best help you. Contact us

My rights and responsibilities

As a consumer of credit in the United States of America you have rights and responsibilities. We have listed a couple of resources that will explain debt collection and your responsibilities in more detail and provide some helpful tips on how to overcome or avoid financial difficulty and address your debts.


Your Feedback Matters

If you have feedback in relation to your experience with Credit Corp – we’d like to hear from you.
In the event that we haven’t met your expectations, please lodge a complaint with our friendly dispute resolution team.

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