Debt Assist

Dealing with financial difficulty

Falling behind on credit obligations (which is also referred to as experiencing ‘financial difficulty’ or ‘financial hardship’) is not uncommon. It can happen for many reasons and people on both low incomes and high incomes can experience either short term or long term financial difficulty. For most people this is a source of worry and we understand that it is sometimes difficult to know where to start.  

The best way to start is to take control by contacting your creditors directly. Credit Corp’s flexible and understanding approach will help you resolve your account. We have worked with hundreds and thousands of customers through affordable repayment arrangements. We are confident that we will be able to agree a suitable repayment plan with you.

Get in touch through any channel you’ll feel most comfortable with listed on the Contact Us page and we’ll work with you to find an appropriate and affordable solution designed for your circumstances.

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Dealing with hardship

If you are experiencing financial difficulty you may be eligible for hardship assistance.

To get started, we will need an understanding of your current financial situation.

You should be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Your current after tax income and payment frequency
  • Accommodation expenses (i.e. rent, mortgage, board: living at home, with family or friends)
  • Other credit accounts (credit cards, personal loans, amount outstanding and repayment terms)
  • Other living costs (gas, electricity, phone bills etc.)
  • Dependents (do you have children or dependent family members?)

We will use this information to help agree an affordable repayment plan with you. 


My rights and responsibilities

As a consumer of credit in the United States of America you have rights and responsibilities. We have listed a couple of resources below that will explain debt collection and your responsibilities in more detail and provide some helpful tips on how to overcome or avoid financial difficulty and deal with debt collection: