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Who we are and what we do

Working at Credit Corp means that you're part of a team of 1500 people across the globe. With offices in Salt Lake City, Australia and the Philippines we offer opportunities to develop your career in the Financial Services industry. 

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Watch the video to see what a day in the life of Customer Relationship Manager at Credit Corp looks like.

Our working environment

Credit Corp invests in its people. We adopt a team-based operational environment where most of our leaders once started with us in an entry-level role. We provide award-winning development programs and give our people the opportunity to apply for ongoing training in-house training courses. Our training is designed to realize individual potential and develop valuable skills for a long and successful career within Credit Corp and beyond. After only a short time with us, you’ll be able to apply for career pathway programs to become a “senior” and then a manager. 

Our Benefits

Other than a great team environment and working with like-minded people, we offer a range of benefits to support our positive environment:
    - Attractive bonus scheme - uncapped monthly bonus payments reflecting your individual + team results
    - Ongoing development and training
    - Internal career progression opportunities - the potential to be promoted within 12 months!
    - Monthly massages, industry-leading EAP and recognition events

Our People

We are committed to providing our people with the ability to succeed in their roles and develop their careers.  As our business expands, we are able to provide opportunities for our staff to work in leadership positions within our operations in the US. Most of our frontline management and business unit management positions are filled internally.

Our supportive structure is personally empowering and allows for individual input and a sense of ownership. Credit Corp has a vibrant and dynamic working environment and prides itself on recognizing outstanding performance and rewarding employees for their achievements.

We are a promoter of a diverse workforce and embrace the different backgrounds of the people that form our team.


Here's what our people say about working at Credit Corp
  • “It’s not like you think – it’s not like other call centers, you don’t have to be mean to get payments – many former employees want to come back” – Customer Relationship Manager
  • “You can make it what it is - you can learn something new every day from others” – Customer Relationship Manager
  • “You are your only limitation - you can learn and grow in the position if you are driven” – Team Performance Manager
  • "I came to Credit Corp at 24 with no genuine career aspirations. Having job-hopped through call-centers and a prior stint in collections, my first day of training I knew Credit Corp was a much more professional, diverse and people orientated organisation. What inspired me to get serious about a career in financial services was hearing the journeys of senior leaders at the business having mostly come through the ranks from the front line. This put success into perspective for me. After 5 years of hard work, many failures, but many successes – I now have the experience to share my own journey." – Team Performance Manager
  • "When I first started at Credit Corp, I was living in low income housing, I was just looking for a way to make it by, but I found so much more! Sometimes now, I think to myself “how did I get here?” It is so awesome that Credit Corp chose Utah. I was blessed enough to be considered for this potion, for me to have this opportunity. I really feel like I have found my home." – Team Performance Manager

Getting Ahead

Good employers go to great lengths to match people to the right jobs and consider what behaviors and abilities are required for good job performance and job satisfaction.

Remember that selection is a two-way process in which both you and the company (Us) make a choice – and the choice has to be right for both. Our selection process has been created with this in mind and once you submit your application we will invite you to complete some assessments. These assessments are fun and interactive and will also provide you with instant feedback, which you could use to understand a bit more about your likes and dislikes and the type of role and company that you will enjoy the most. We hope this is Us!


The application process

Job Opportunities

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Click on a job title and read the job description. If you’re what we’re looking for, click apply and complete the application form and upload your CV. Forward it to a friend if you know someone suitable.

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Assessment Games

You receive an email with a link to complete your online assessment which takes between 40 – 60 mins. They’re fun games that give us a better idea about who you are and what you value.

Credit Corp Interview

Video Interview

You’re invited to do a video interview. There are a nuber of questions which you answer whilst recording yourself. We’ll explain how it works and you get time to prepare yourself.

Financial Services Job

Quick Phone Interview

We’ll give you a quick call to discuss your application so far. Let us know when is the best time to chat. It should only take 5-10 mins.

Job Interview Expectations

Face-to-face Interview

Come to our offices to meet with us face to face. Just like any other interview, we’ll ask some behavioural and situational questions to determine whether you’ll enjoy and achieve success in your role.

Job Offer Financial Services

Reference Check & Offer

We’ll contact your provided references and if everything looks good we will send you an Offer of Employment!